Committed to outdoor advertising.

Outdoor advertising is our passion and our dedication, the focus of all our attention and efforts. APG|SGA champions creativity in outdoor advertising with a sustainable approach and a focus on innovation and quality. We believe in the freedom and significance of commercial communications and support cultural and non-profit organisations in their publicity efforts.

APG|SGA is committed to integrity in advertising.

We support the Schweizerische Lauterkeitskommission (Swiss Commission for Fairness, SLK), which has been acting as a foundation for over 35 years. Its task is the self-regulation of fair commercial advertising throughout Switzerland. It is independent and composed of an equal number of representatives from advertising, consumer organisations and the media. Together with experts, they examine consumer complaints, mainly because advertising is primarily aimed at consumers, who are also the ones to feel the effects of unfair advertising in the first place and take the opportunity to lodge complaints with the SLK.

The work of the SLK, set up by the Swiss advertising industry in 1966, is comparable to that of a court. The SLK’s activities are based on its industry principles, in conjunction with national and international private and public legislation for advertising practice. For example, there are guidelines for misleading, deceptive or comparative advertising, as well as for aggressive sales methods.

When the Lauterkeitskommission discusses a case, overall impressions and basic statements are crucial for consumers. “When making a decision, we consider, among other things, whether the SLK’s extremely comprehensive principles* are being observed”, explains Nicolas Adolph from APG|SGA, who represents the Out of Home advertising sector as a member of the SLK.

In the following interview, he talks about his work as an expert.

*Background information about the SLK principles and fairness in commercial communication from the Swiss government

We promote the appeal of out of home media by developing new products and services and reliable performance data:

  • APG|SGA promotes the unending attraction and appeal of out of home media and develops new products and services with a systematic approach to innovation management.

  • APG|SGA conducts intensive research into the impact of outdoor advertising to provide advertisers with a sound basis for decision-making in planning their campaigns. In doing so, it cooperates with prestigious research institutes. Guaranteed performance values

  • We support the gathering of objective performance data by the independent research institute for out of home media and mobility - SPR+

We support cultural and non-profit organisations in their advertising activities:

  • We support cultural organizations with sponsorships. 

  • We offer non-profit and charitable organisations reduced rates for our advertising panels.

  • Parties and political organisations benefit from discounts on their campaigns.

  • We are a proud partner of sustainable social initiatives such as Swiss Solidarity and Unicef.

  • Rather than offering our customers Christmas presents, each year we make a considerable donation to an aid organisation.

Promoting creativity through competitions and sponsorship


The creative competition under the patronage of the «AWS Outdoor Advertising Switzerland» association takes place every fall.

Poster of the Month

Out of Home audience favorites are honored monthly as «Poster of the Month». 

ePoster Gallery

A casual series of virtual special exhibitions from the poster collection of the Museum für Gestaltung Zürich.


We support the Art Directors Club Switzerland and sponsor the ADC Young Creative Award in the poster category. 

Effie Award

We are proud category sponsor of the EFFIE, which is held every two years by the LSA (Leading Swiss Agencies).