Out of Home Media − The medium with the highest profitability

In an age where the choice of advertising media is almost limitless and marketing budgets are at the same time under great pressure, it is essential to focus on the medium that offers the best price/performance ratio. Invest where you get the most for your money. Out of Home advertising offers you fast and high reach, guaranteed visibility and high advertising impact, all with maximum profitability.

Out of Home with the lowest inflation 

Since 2017, the Swiss Advertising Contractors Association (SWA) and LEADING SWISS AGENCIES (LSA) have been collecting and publishing the significant Media Price/Performance Index MPLI.

The current Media Price-Performance Index clearly shows: compared to other forms of advertising, outdoor advertising is the most cost-effective way to reach a broad target group.

Quelle: SWA / LSA Media Preis-/Leistungsindex MPLI 2022 (An update of the MPLI for 2023 is not possible due to a change of method in Out-of-Home).

The poster: the best choice for valuable marketing budgets

With outdoor advertising you also get the highest return on investment. The cost per thousand contacts (CPM) for a poster is between CHF 8 and 25 (gross).

TKP-Vergleich_weitere Medien

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