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The attractive target group «hotel guests» can be efficiently reached with APG|SGA's Elevator ePanels in lifts of three- and four-star hotels.

Tourism is an important economic sector in Switzerland and generates over 39 million overnight stays every year. The Swiss hotel industry recorded a remarkable 14% increase in the first half of 2023 compared to the same period last year, with over 19 million overnight stays – even + 3.6% compared to the first half of 2019.

Around 90 per cent of Swiss people make at least one trip a year, with their own country being the most popular travel destination. When staying overnight in hotels, the lifts are used several times a day. This is why digital advertising spaces in lifts are suitable to entertain guests on every single ride and to convince them of products and services. The holiday and leisure mode of tourists and visitors not only makes them very willing to spend, but also receptive to inspiration - and thus also to advertising.


Elevator ePanel

Original animations on the cleverly placed 32-inch Elevator ePanels attract maximum attention during lift rides. They are the ideal platform to inspire tourists and visitors about the brand.




Bookable hotels: Around 92 three- and four-star hotels (bookable individually; the offer is constantly being expanded)

Number of screens: Over 117

Locations: Swiss tourism and mountain regions

Ø Number of elevator rides per week: approx. 2 200 per elevator

Ø Duration of stay in the hotel per guest: 2.39 days





Screen size: 32-inches

Viewing format: 9:16

Spot length: 10 seconds

Loop: 60 seconds

Operating time: 24 hours per day

Degree of animation: Full-motion Video


Further product information can be found in the Product Finder. In the eCalculator you can calculate your nationwide digital offer. Strengthen your campaign by booking additional ePanels and eBoards from APG|SGA.

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How to arouse the interest of hotel guests 

During leisure time, people are particularly open to ideas, information and advertising. The Elevator ePanels therefore offer welcome inspiration and are accordingly highly regarded.

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